Armando Moreno: A Sales Manager with a Patriotic Spirit and a Passion for Exceptional Service

In the world of automotive sales, the ability to connect with customers and provide exceptional service is paramount. Armando Moreno, a Sales Manager at Hill Country Honda, embodies these qualities with a rich background in service, a dedication to his family, and a passion for the automotive industry. Hailing from Floresville, Armando’s experiences in the U.S. Marines and as a realtor have shaped his unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service and his enthusiasm for helping customers find their perfect vehicles. With a well-rounded approach and a genuine love for his work, Armando contributes to the success of Hill Country Honda.

A Proud Background in Service:

Armando Moreno’s journey to becoming a Sales Manager at Hill Country Honda is rooted in his proud background of service. Having served in the U.S. Marines, Armando understands the importance of dedication, discipline, and attention to detail. These values translate seamlessly into his role as a Sales Manager, where he applies his military training to create a positive and structured environment for his team and ensure outstanding customer service.

Family Values and Personal Interests:

In his free time, Armando values spending quality moments with his family, cherishing the love and support they provide. His commitment to his loved ones extends beyond the dealership, fueling his drive to create memorable experiences for customers and their families as they navigate the car-buying process. Additionally, Armando enjoys weight lifting, hiking, and spending time with his beloved Boxer, showcasing his dedication to personal wellness and a balanced lifestyle.

Passion for the Automotive Industry:

While Armando has experience as a realtor, his true passion lies in the automotive industry. His enthusiasm for cars, coupled with his commitment to helping customers find their perfect vehicles, sets him apart as a Sales Manager. Armando’s knowledge of the industry, coupled with his dedication to ongoing learning and staying up to date with the latest automotive trends, ensures that he can provide customers with valuable insights and guidance throughout the purchasing journey.

Exceptional Service as a Priority:

Armando’s commitment to exceptional service is at the core of his role as a Sales Manager. He understands that buying a car is a significant decision, and he goes above and beyond to ensure that every customer has a positive and memorable experience at Hill Country Honda. Armando’s genuine care, attention to detail, and personalized approach create an environment where customers feel valued, heard, and supported throughout the entire process.

Contributing to Hill Country Honda’s Success:

Armando Moreno’s dedication, diverse background, and passion for the automotive industry contribute to the success of Hill Country Honda. His well-rounded approach, combined with his commitment to exceptional service and knowledge of the industry, makes him an invaluable asset to the dealership. Armando’s genuine care for his team and customers creates a positive work environment and fosters lasting relationships built on trust and reliability.


Armando Moreno’s background in service, dedication to his family, and passion for the automotive industry make him an exceptional Sales Manager at Hill Country Honda. His military experience, coupled with his commitment to exceptional service, ensures that customers receive outstanding care and guidance throughout the car-buying process. With Armando’s unwavering dedication, diverse interests, and valuable experience, Hill Country Honda continues to provide exceptional service and maintain its position as a leader in the automotive industry.

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