Cody Day: A Used Car Director Driven by Passion, Family Values, and Expertise

In the realm of used car sales, a combination of passion, expertise, and exceptional service is essential for success. Cody Day, the Used Car Director at Hill Country Honda, embodies these qualities and more. Hailing from Yorktown, Cody brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role, complemented by a deep-rooted passion for sports, a love for pets, and strong family values. With his well-rounded approach and commitment to providing exceptional service, Cody ensures that customers at Hill Country Honda receive the expertise and care they deserve when purchasing a used car.

A Passionate Sports Enthusiast:

Sports play a significant role in Cody Day’s life, and his unwavering support for the LSU Tigers is a testament to his passion. Whether it’s cheering on his favorite team during intense games or staying up to date with the latest sports news, Cody’s enthusiasm spills over into the workplace. This passion for sports fosters a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among his colleagues, creating a positive and engaging environment at Hill Country Honda.

Love for Pets and Family Values:

Cody’s love for animals is evident in his personal life, where he shares his home with two beloved dogs named Parker and Milo. His compassion for pets reflects his caring and nurturing nature, traits that extend to his interactions with customers. Moreover, Cody’s strong family values play a central role in his life, and he cherishes every moment spent with his loved ones. This genuine commitment to family translates into his professional endeavors, where he treats every customer like family, ensuring their needs and preferences are met with care and respect.

Expertise in Used Cars:

As the Used Car Director, Cody Day’s expertise is invaluable at Hill Country Honda. His deep knowledge of the used car market allows him to guide customers through the purchasing process, offering insights and recommendations that align with their preferences and budget. Cody’s commitment to ongoing learning and staying up to date with industry trends ensures that customers receive the most accurate and reliable information, empowering them to make informed decisions.

Exceptional Service as a Priority:

Cody Day’s commitment to exceptional service is at the forefront of his role as the Used Car Director. He understands that purchasing a used car is a significant decision and strives to make the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Cody’s personable approach, attention to detail, and dedication to meeting customers’ needs create an environment of trust and satisfaction, ensuring that each customer feels valued and supported throughout their car-buying journey.

Contributing to Hill Country Honda’s Success:

Cody Day’s passion for sports, love for pets, and strong family values make him an integral part of the Hill Country Honda team. His expertise in used cars, coupled with his commitment to exceptional service, ensures that customers receive outstanding care and guidance when purchasing a used car. Cody’s personable and knowledgeable approach contributes to the success of Hill Country Honda, maintaining its reputation as a dealership that prioritizes customer satisfaction.


Cody Day’s passion for sports, love for pets, and strong family values infuse his role as the Used Car Director at Hill Country Honda with warmth and expertise. His commitment to exceptional service, paired with his extensive knowledge of the used car market, ensures that customers receive personalized care and guidance throughout their car-buying journey. With Cody’s well-rounded approach and dedication to providing exceptional service, Hill Country Honda continues to thrive as a dealership that values expertise, compassion, and the satisfaction of its customers.

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