Keith Ward: The Well-Rounded General Manager with a Passion for Family, Sports, and Pets

When it comes to leadership, experience and expertise are crucial. Keith Ward, the General Manager at Hill Country Honda, embodies these qualities and much more. Hailing from Locust Grove, Oklahoma, Keith’s journey to his current role has been marked by a deep-rooted passion for sports, a strong commitment to family values, and a genuine love for pets. These personal interests have shaped Keith’s well-rounded perspective, making him an invaluable asset to the Hill Country Honda team.

A Sports Enthusiast with a Love for the Houston Astros:

Sports have always been a significant part of Keith Ward’s life. Growing up in Oklahoma, he developed a love for baseball at an early age. However, it was his unwavering devotion to the Houston Astros that truly defined his passion. From closely following the team’s highs and lows to cheering them on during intense games, Keith’s loyalty to the Astros is unmatched. His enthusiasm for sports spills over into the workplace, where he instills a sense of teamwork and camaraderie among his colleagues.

Family Values as a Foundation:

Beyond the realm of sports, Keith’s commitment to family values plays a pivotal role in his life. He cherishes every opportunity to spend quality time with his loved ones, understanding the importance of a strong support system. Keith’s warm and approachable demeanor extends beyond the workplace, making him a leader who genuinely cares about the well-being and success of his team members. This genuine concern for others fosters a positive work environment and encourages collaboration and growth.

A Pet Lover and Advocate:

Pets hold a special place in Keith’s heart. As a pet owner himself, he understands the unconditional love and companionship they bring. With four dogs, Belle, Hazel, Sasha, and Brodie, along with a lucky feline named Lucky, Keith’s home is a testament to his love for animals. He actively supports local animal shelters and advocates for responsible pet ownership, ensuring that the well-being of our furry friends remains a priority.

Automotive Passion: Honda, a Top Choice:

In addition to his personal interests, Keith has a profound admiration for the automotive world, with Honda holding a special place in his heart. Among the impressive Honda lineup, the Honda Pilot stands out as his favorite model. With its reliability, spaciousness, and advanced features, the Pilot embodies the values Keith upholds both personally and professionally. This affinity for Honda vehicles allows him to connect with customers on a deeper level, helping them find their perfect automotive match with confidence.


Keith Ward’s journey from Locust Grove, Oklahoma, to the role of General Manager at Hill Country Honda is a testament to his diverse range of passions and values. His unwavering dedication to the Houston Astros, his strong family values, his love for pets, and his enthusiasm for the Honda brand make him an exceptional leader. With Keith at the helm, Hill Country Honda is not only a destination for automotive enthusiasts but also a place where employees and customers alike can feel valued and supported.

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