Danny Mangum: A Sales Manager with a Passion for Astros, Poker, and Unwavering Customer Service

In the bustling world of automotive sales, exceptional customer service and a genuine passion for the industry are essential qualities. Danny Mangum, a Sales Manager at Hill Country Honda, embodies these attributes and more. Hailing from Palacios, Texas, Danny brings a diverse range of interests and experiences to his role, providing customers with exceptional care and ensuring a positive dealership experience. With a deep love for the Houston Astros, a knack for poker, and a soft spot for his furry companions, Danny’s well-rounded nature shines through in his commitment to the Honda brand and the satisfaction of every client he encounters.

A Passion for Sports and Gaming:

Danny Mangum’s love for the Houston Astros is more than just a passing interest – it’s a true passion. As a devoted fan, he wholeheartedly supports the team and enjoys following their journey closely. This enthusiasm for sports spills over into his personal life, where Danny enjoys fishing leisurely and playing golf in his free time. Beyond the realm of sports, Danny has demonstrated his prowess in the 2009 World Series of Poker, showcasing his strategic thinking and competitive spirit.

A Deep Commitment to Service:

Danny’s dedication to service extends beyond his professional endeavors. As a U.S. Navy veteran, he has a strong sense of duty and honor. This commitment to serving others translates seamlessly into his role as a Sales Manager, where he goes above and beyond to ensure every customer has an exceptional experience at Hill Country Honda. Danny’s genuine care and attention to detail create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making customers feel valued and appreciated.

Furry Companions and Love for Animals:

Danny’s love for animals is evident in his home, where he shares his life with six Great Danes named Secret, Solace, Tuff, Gossip, Skeeter, and Boady, along with two hairless cats, Minx and Gidget. His affection for his furry companions showcases his compassionate nature and adds a touch of warmth to his character. Danny’s deep love for animals fosters a sense of empathy and understanding, qualities that enhance his interactions with customers and colleagues alike.

Favorite Honda Model: The Ridgeline:

Within the Honda lineup, the Ridgeline holds a special place in Danny’s heart. This versatile truck captivates him with its unique blend of practicality, comfort, and performance. The Ridgeline’s ability to seamlessly transition from work to play aligns perfectly with Danny’s multifaceted interests and responsibilities. His knowledge and passion for the Ridgeline enable him to guide customers towards making informed decisions that suit their needs and lifestyle.

Delivering Exceptional Customer Service:

Danny Mangum’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional customer service sets him apart as a Sales Manager. He understands that purchasing a vehicle is a significant decision and strives to make the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Danny’s friendly demeanor, combined with his attention to detail and wealth of knowledge, ensures that customers receive personalized care and leave Hill Country Honda with a sense of satisfaction and trust.


Danny Mangum’s diverse range of interests, from his love for the Houston Astros to his skill in poker and his dedication to his furry companions, adds depth and richness to his role as a Sales Manager at Hill Country Honda. His commitment to exceptional customer service, paired with his genuine passion for the Honda brand and the satisfaction of every client, make him an invaluable asset to the dealership. Danny’s well-rounded nature, fueled by his passions and love for animals, ensures that every interaction at Hill Country Honda is marked by warmth, care, and professionalism.

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